kloader.c(4.6K) kloader.exe(2K) NT driver loader.

ln.c(20K) ln.exe(3.5K) Utility to manage NT hard and symlinks.

netsend.rar(5.6K) netsend.exe(3.5K) Win9x Utility to send messenger messages from command line.

qrsrc.zip(25K) qr.exe(19K) NT QuickRes.

nrun.c(11K) nrun.exe(2.5K) Program used to execute NT native applications.

sync.c(6K) sync.exe(2K) NT 'sync' utility.

uptime.c(3K) uptime.exe(2K) NT 'uptime' utility.

Note: You should have ntdll.lib (available from Microsoft as part of NT DDK) in order to compile most of NT programs above.