Ext2fsnt is a Linux Ext2 filesystem driver for Windows NT/2K/XP. Latest driver version number is 0.7, changelog is available in readme.txt. Latest version of my Linux Ext2 filesystem driver for NT4/W2K/XP and filesystem driver for Win9x/WinME are now a part of Paragon system management tools suite and available here. You can get read-only Ext2 drivers for NT/W2k/XP and Win9x/WinME with a free version of Paragon Ext2FS Anywhere.

Here you can find E2fsprogs 1.19 ported to NT. This archive contains files you should add to standard distribution to build those programs.

If you are looking for free information and source about building file system and file system filter drivers for Windows NT and Windows 2000 you can go to page of Bo Branten. The best source for NT filesystems developer is NT IFS Kit available from Microsoft IFS Kit page.

General information about filesystems is available from Filesystems HOWTO.

The NTFS driver for Linux is complementary to this project.

Why rar? It just makes archives 30-50% smaller... You can get rar archiver from rar site.

Some sources.


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